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Ask the Expert
What are the benefits of private firearm instruction?
There are many reasons why working with a Firearms Instructor in private training environment can be key to achieving your shooting goals. Whether they be self-defense based, competitive sports-driven or for just fun recreational time at the range. Here are reasons why you should have a private session or two, or three, as well as the benefits that you are likely to achieve.
1. You don't know where to start.
Walking into the range for the first time or wanting to go shooting with your family can be a scary task. From choosing a gun and pairing it with the correct ammunition, to knowing the rules and etiquette, to understanding the 5 basics of marksmanship, there is a lot to know.
2. You have a specific illness, injury, or condition.
It can be as simple as mastering cross-eye-dominate skills or learning how to see your sights again after Lasik. It might be a more complex physical limitation and you need options for how to make it work for you. It can be an emotional roadblock or trauma you want to overcome. Working 1:1 with your instructor can be a very personal and private experience, so be ready to answer questions so they can better understand where you are starting from and help you make the proper adjustments.
3. You're not seeing results.
Maybe you have taken a group class or had a family member teach you. At first everything was great, and you are satisfied with your target. Maybe you picked up a bad habit while working on new drills and don't realize the mistakes you are making that are getting in the way of your progress.
4. Help you set realistic goals.
5. Fit range time into your schedule
Scheduling a lesson with a private instructor will give you the flexibility to choose a time that works best for you.
6. Large groups can be intimidating.
Let's face it, not all of us feel comfortable asking questions, making mistakes, and have a general fear of saying the wrong thing in a group setting. Private firearms coaching sessions take these fears out of the equation and allows you to relax, listen, practice and enjoy your lessons.

People with varying levels of firearms experience register for our classes. We instruct people who have never touched a firearm before as well as people who have been around guns since childhood and who have been shooting for years.
Every shooter can benefit from a good refresher course every once in a while. Advanced techniques require the ability to be able to competently perform the basics. A full day of private instruction for a group of 4 costs about $150 per person.
Outstanding selection....Professional advice.
Guns, sales, service, instruction.

About Crusader Tactical

Owners, Danny Jones and Andy Shidell, have a history dating back to college where they were fraternity brothers. The two became good friends and kept in touch after graduation. Danny grew up in Broken Arrow and ran a sand and gravel business with his brother and sister. Andy is from Mustang, OK, and was employed as a U.S. probation officer and firearms instructor. He also competed with pistols. Both men formally retired about two years ago. The guys had previous discussions about one day opening a business together.

Crusader Tactical, located on the Northeast corner of 101st in Elm, in Broken Arrow, offers a large selection of firearms, accessories, service, and classes. Crusader Tactical’s mission is to redefine the typical gun store experience for everyone, and for their customers to leave knowing they came to the right place. They have proven successful in their mission with 5-star reviews on the web, and a long list of testimonials, since opening in July 2017.

Visiting the guys at the shop also allows customers to get a feel for the right fit in a firearm and see firsthand all the many firearm additions that are available for purchase. Crusader Tactical offers cases, gun parts, scopes, ammo, and more in their extensive line of accessories. Customers with custom needs will also benefit from the wealth of knowledge and the combined years of firearm experience that Danny and Andy possess.

Their major lines include: Glock, S&W, Ruger, Canik, Sig Saur, Springfield, Remington, Taurus, Mossberg and Walther. Anderson Manufacturing, Strike Industries, Bushmaster, Del-Ton, Core 15, Bear Creek Arsenal, Century Arms, Aero Precision and Athlon Optics. Their website allows customers to buy online, as well as customize orders that are shipped to the shop for processing. Additionally, users can access a listing of the classes offered by Crusader Tactical, including Concealed Carry Courses. Upcoming plans for classes include basic handgun and rifle operation and maintenance training. Andy is a certified use-of-force instructor and provides more comprehensive information than found elsewhere during his classes for self-protection training. Customers can find all classes offered on the website, as well as a blog with insightful articles on gun safety, news, and product reviews.

Both Danny and Andy feel that what separates them from other gun shops is the level of customer service they provide. Honest, humble, and respectful service is the foundation of Crusader Tactical, making the purchase of a firearm a comfortable and confident experience. When you visit Crusader Tactical you’ll be impressed with the product and accessory displays and the overall cleanliness. They partner with US Law Shield and are an Authorized Glock Stocking Dealer.

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