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Clock Tune Up Time! Bring in your clock to get serviced this month for only $149. We recommend clocks to be serviced every three to five years. coupon. Expires 4/7/19.

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In the period from 1800 – 1950 millions of mechanical and electric clocks were manufactured in the United States and many millions more worldwide. A considerable number of these clocks are either still in service and or needing service. Many more are in need of restoration or repair. Clock repair businesses are in large demand but repair services are few. We exist to repair memories. We exist to restore memories found in old clocks. Many are family heirlooms and some are just starting their way into making a memory. We buy, sell, trade, and repair all clocks from the old antique to the new quartz models. We specialize in temporarily replacing mechanical movements into older clocks so that aging loved can enjoy them without having to wind or set them. We then can replace the mechanical movement back into service after the loved one no longer needs the clock. 

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