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Because big plays should be viewed on a really really big screen.

About Buffalo Wild Wings

The year was 1982. Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery had recently moved to Ohio from Buffalo, New York. All was fine until one day when the two were craving wings. Not just ordinary wings, but authentic Buffalo, New York-style chicken wings. With none to be found nearby, Jim and Scott had two choices: road trip to New York, or open a wing joint close to home. Lucky for us, they chose the latter. Hence, the beginning of Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, now Buffalo Wild Wings®, the welcoming neighborhood atmosphere with a front-row seat for every sports fan that offers 21 mouth-watering signature sauces and seasonings.

And even back then, they wanted to make sure they had a huge beer selection. The tap lines may not have been as extensive as now, but back in the early 80s, anything from outside of your zip code was considered an import. Originally they only used the TV for music videos (remember those?). One day someone asked us to turn on the Ohio State game, and in the end, sports won out. Imagine that.

They may have added a few tap lines and come up with a couple more kinds of sauce, but the important parts are still the same. It’s still the ultimate place to eat wings, grab a cold one and meet your friends to watch a game. Since their founding, they’ve grown to have a store in every state in the U.S. and continue to open B-Dubs around the world (you’re welcome, Earth).

A lot goes into making the Buffalo Wild Wings food experience unique. Their legendary wings, gigantic list of signature sauces, delicious seasonings and wide array of beers are just a start. They round out their menu with great salad selections, handcrafted burgers, signature cocktails and mocktails. B-Dubs is the next best thing to front row tickets to the game itself. You will love their wall-to-wall TV’s and cross table camaraderie. Whether you want to grab a quick lunch or take in a day of games, the atmosphere in Buffalo Wild Wings is unlike any other. They can also help you create that perfect gathering or party with their crowd pleasing party menu, so you can get back to the fun part – the PARTY part!

No matter how many locations they’ve opened, where their corporate headquarters is or how many years they’ve been around, one thing remains the same: Buffalo Wild Wings is the ultimate place to get together with your friends, watch sports, drink beer and eat wings.

There you have it. If you love wings, beer and sports like they do, then this is the place for you. If you don’t like any of those things... they still might have something you’d like.

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For more information, contact:

Buffalo Wild Wings

(918) 445-9953
7568 S. Olympia | Tulsa, OK

Buffalo Wild Wings

9263 N. Owasso Expressway | Owasso, OK 74055

Buffalo Wild Wings - BA

(918) 286-3555
1151 N 20th St | Broken Arrow, OK

Buffalo Wild Wings - Tulsa

(918) 398-7111
6222 W 41st St | Tulsa, OK