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Best chimney sweep in the metro
Chimney cleaning is recommended every year.
Wood burning
According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), all chimneys should be cleaned at least once every year. Keeping your chimney clean helps prevent home fires - it's as simple as that. When you burn a fire in your fireplace, two things happen: Chimney soot builds up, as well as creosote, which is a heavy, thick, oily residue similar to tar that's a byproduct of burning wood. While soot is more easily removable, creosote sticks to the chimney lining, which can be dangerous because it's extremely flammable.

Gas burning
According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), some of the new gas fireplaces still recommend or require an annual chimney cleaning. There will not be any soot or creosote in the chimney since you are not burning wood, but you may find bird nests that need to be removed, along with ensure firewalls are able to contain combustion/fire and safely exhaust them from the home, check for damaged or cracked chimney crown and mortar joints, and moisture problems.

For over 42 years, Black Hat Cleaning Services owner David Harris, Sr. has been serving N.E. Oklahoma.

Veteran owned, family owned and operated for over 42 years, residential, commercial.

About Black Hat Cleaning Services

Founded in 1977 by David E. Harris, Black Hat Cleaning Services has served the Tulsa metro area for 37 years, providing chimney cleaning and repair, air duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning and repair. Black Hat is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa.

Founder David E. Harris co-owns the company with his two sons, David C.R. and Jeremiah. Two daughters, Patience and Michelle, operate Black Hat as well. When you enlist Black Hat, you’ll appreciate the comfort you find in knowing that an actual member of the Harris family (complete with black hat) will come to your door and supervise or perform the requested services.

Dryer vents become “linty” with use, and not only limit the dryer’s efficiency, but may become a fire hazard. When do you know if it’s time to have lint removed from your dryer’s vent system? When you have to run laundry through more than one drying cycle, it’s time to have the vents cleaned. Cleaning your dryer vent keeps it free from lint, debris and bird's nests that result in fires or your dryer not working properly. It will improve drying efficiency while keeping your home safer.

Summer is a great time to have chimneys cleaned. Don’t put it off until the last minute when you begin using it again. Clean your chimneys now, enjoy the summer, and use your ¬fireplace without worry when colder weather returns. David recommends that you have your chimney cleaned after each three to four ricks of wood. Chimneys with gas logs should be cleaned every seven to ten years. Chimneys should be inspected regularly for ventilation and foundation issues. Cleaning your air ducts is also critical for safety. The average six-room home circulates about 40 pounds of dirt and dust a year. These dirty materials circulate through your air ducts and vents and contaminate the air you breathe. If vents are dirty, dusty, clogged or contaminated, you may be susceptible to allergies and infection.

Take a moment and go online to the Black Hat website, You will find some helpful suggestions to obtain cleaner air, better health, and lower utility bills for your home. There are also some ¬effective products available for use in your home to help keep it cleaner and healthier.

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