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Categories: Home Improvement, Home Building | Issue: November 2020

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About Advantage Roofing and Construction LLC

Whether it's a new roof, roof repair, new fence or when the wind has blown down your fence or the siding off your house, look no further than Advantage Roofing & Construction. When it's been raining for three days and you notice that dark spot on the ceiling, you don't want start researching local companies to fix your want them to be on their way to help you at that moment. Knowing who to call is the key and having that advantage could mean the difference between a quick fix or thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Advantage Roofing & Construction employees have over 50 years of experience in the construction industry within the Tulsa area. Why is that important? Because they live here, they work here and they know what Tulsa weather is like (unpredictable).

They do not take things like craftsmanship, customer service, quality products, and excellence lightly. These are the things that built their company and they stand behind them 100%.

They are here for you so please reach out to them anytime for advice on your next construction project. You can also get an online quote and their team of professionals will reach out to you as quickly as possible.

Advantage Roofing & Construction is a Tulsa construction/roofing company that takes care of the people that they are closest to, their neighbors. They know emergencies happen and they know in a time of need, trusting someone to help you is important. They want to help make that next construction project as reliable as you expect it to be.

Contact their team of skilled, dedicated and local professionals at Advantage Roofing & Construction to get a free quote on your roof today.

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For more information, contact:

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